Percaya Jika Covid-19 Itu Nyata, Jerinx SID Minta Maaf Soal Endorse dan Mau Divaksin

Senin, 16 Agustus 2021 | 10:33 WIB
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RIAU24.COM  - Musician Jerinx SID confirms that he believes that the Covid-19 virus is real. The Superman Is Dead drummer emphasized that he had stopped discussing the corona virus polemic since July 4, 2021. "I have never underestimated the value of anyone's life, I am sorry for all the victims of Covid-19," said Jerinx quoted from his new Instagram account @true_jrx, Sunday (15 /8/2021).

"Even as of July 4, 2021, I have officially withdrawn from the CVD19 controversy," he continued.

Furthermore, he said that the people closest to him were also affected by the virus. "My mother-in-law was affected, my co-workers were affected, many of my friends were also affected, thankfully we can still be saved," he explained.

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However, he flicked the Covid-19 vaccination policy which was used as a licensing requirement in various sectors. He considered that the policy was discriminatory and considered that many people had not been educated. "Discriminatory attitudes towards people who have or have not been vaccinated are a setback. Rather than discrimination, education is better," he explained.

Jerinx SID also apologizes if there are parties who are offended by the 'endorse covid-19' statement that he often makes on social media. Nora Alexandra's husband also asked to understand the Covid-19 endorsement statement by celebrities as balancing information.

"Jadi kepada pihak-pihak yang tersinggung dengan statement endorse CV19 saya, mohon dipahami jika informasi-informasi di instagram saya JRXSID yang saat ini masih lenyap tersebut hanyalah informasi penyeimbang," tutur Jerinx SID.

"Sebab pandemi ini memiliki banyak sekali lapisan persoalan dan sudut perspektif yang berbeda-beda," imbuhnya lagi.

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Kini, Jerinx SID telah melakukan vaksinasi Covid-19 menyusul istrinya, Nora Alexandra yang sudah lebih dulu divaksin. Ia sudah konsultasi ke dokter kepercayaannya tentang riwayat penyakitnya. Pria yang tubuhnya dipenuhi tato itu menerima vaksin dosis pertama dengan jenis Sinovac. 

 Nora had written an emotional message on her Twitter account when she found out that Jerinx was willing to be vaccinated. "Finally Vaccines too, and want to accept advice from me too, let's support Indonesia together so that it quickly rises," Nora wrote on the Twitter account @VLAMINORA, quoted on Sunday (15/8/2021).

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